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• : • : • ė • : • : • Superb album. Everything on paper, to me, about this band gives you the underwhelming feeling like it's been done a million times, and it can't be anything special - but fuck me...... for I was gravely mistaken. This album is overwhelming with quality, and a diamomd in the rough of regurgitated doo doo. It just has this 'it' factor, as mundane as that sounds, that brings you to the proverbial edge of your seat or front of the stage to behold.
Zack Muenz
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Zack Muenz Atmospheric black/sludge that will immerse you in a musical cocoon, from which you will emerge enlightened. Or you'll just really enjoy it because it's real good music. I enjoy every single listen of this album. I found it through this review: Favorite track: Embrace The Flames.
Jimmy McNulty
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Jimmy McNulty Emotive, black(ish) post-metal with flawless production. Epic. The following review sold me on this record: Favorite track: ...To Take Us.
Daphné thumbnail
Daphné Groovy as can be! Favorite track: A Sheep Among The Wolves.
Moody Tuner
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Moody Tuner I'm a big fan of the first LP so this release was a must own. This LP stands on its own and does not disappoint. The guitar work and tone are both excellent. The drums kill it on all of the tracks without being 'cliche metal drums'. The songs seem meticulously crafted and are truly satisfying to experience. I wish this release was longer because it leaves me (greedily) wanting more. There is no filler to be found here, it's a raging beast to behold. Favorite track: A Sheep Among The Wolves.
Maxime thumbnail
Maxime Black/Sludge/Hardcore/Apocalypse Metal from France. Their first LP was my top 1 of 2013. So buying this one was a no brainer.
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released September 19, 2015

Composed and arranged by Regarde les Hommes Tomber

Lyrics by Henoch

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francis Caste at Studio Sainte-Marthe.

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Regarde Les Hommes Tomber Nantes, France


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Track Name: A Sheep Among The Wolves
A life of love and obedience
Where the true faith has replaced reason
A spiritual den
(A religious rain of sadness and moan)

My Father
My Lord
My King
And my God

I devoutly followed
I piously lived
I feel like I dwell in Hell
Just feel like I dwell in Hell

Distress smashed on walls
Crying on the altar
A sheep among the wolves

Bleeding, dazed, yet offered
A bloody knee for a bloody faith

I beg for your mercy
I beg for salvation and redemption

My flesh, my blood are gone
I pray in vain the skies

Drowned in the flood of evils
Merciless for me, pitiless for me
I endure my life, the way I believe
I've lost, I've coughed, I've suffered

My flesh, my blood are gone
I grieve my people, alone
My flesh, my blood are gone
I give my word, my soul

I'm tempted to flee
The vermilion angel
I'm tempted to follow
The vermilion angel

My soul is barely gone
I feel like I dwell in Hell
All the evils belong
To the vermilion angel

The chasm of rest
Of death and silence
Has swallowed my body

Death and silence

The pain, the evils and sorrow
Gone for eternity
A never-ending fall
The quietest trek of existence

(I gaze at the silent sky
This place where only dwells the moon)
Track Name: Embrace The Flames
When the crows started to gather
And the night has come forever
The poisonous tongue whistled a heartwarming lullaby

The voice among the void
The rank breeze of salvation
The twisted branches sang this sinister lullaby

Stand and start your ascension
You are not alone anymore

The wanderer, exiled for the rest of your existence
Fear the celestial light
Embrace, embrace the black flames
Embrace, embrace the black flames

O son of Adam, be the first man to oppose your fathers
Leave your soul, enter the darkness
You are not alone anymore
Follow me and embrace the world you belong to

Follow me and embrace the world you belong to
Follow me and you will never be alone anymore
Track Name: ...To Take Us
A feasting town illuminates the smoky skies above
The sleepless crowd celebrates the life and death of all
The endless flow of blood and wine

Waters sullied the earth of lust and anger
Gluttony corrodes the weakest souls

The hymn of debauchery
The song of the great misery

Can't you see these sins and horror
Can't you feel this unnatural behavior
Can’t you hear the cry of Sodom

Who are these strangers who loomed out of the dark
They must return from where they came
This city is a noble one
See this halo, unnaturally bright

They came to take us
They came to kill us

Release them from this den
So they can hear the cry of Sodom

The hymn of debauchery
The song of the great misery
Track Name: Thou Shall Lie Down
Sweet and sour
Where all the weak wander
A place of torture
A place of liars

O Lord and Father
Forever after
O Lord and Father
You'll be a sinner

Follow the lead
Whistled the wind
Heavenly sneaking
Slyly preaching

This place is Heaven
This place we call Eden
A land of fairness
A land of blindness

O Father
Forever after
O Father
You'll be a sinner

(I won't surrender
To a foul, to his words
Half god half coward)

I claim and order
This king to behold
The reign of a mother
This curse would be told
I'll never suffer
Anytime, anymore
I'll never suffer anymore

The stance of such a creature
Has no matter for the weaver
I disown you
I disown you, evil daughter

Thou shall lie down
Thou shall crumble
Thou shall lie down
Thou shall submit yourself

I'll set this land on fire
Where Abel lies, murdered
I'll set the earth on fire
Where all the weak wander

(I'll set Eden on fire
To purge this place of liars
I'll set the world on fire
To gaze at the flames of anger)
Track Name: The Incandescent March
This reign must end right now
How can we still stare at the stars
How can we listen to the sun
My friends, my men, till the end
Our luminous gladius swords will be our words

The cry of the broken wings
The crack of the burning skins
To the ones who were once slaves
Thou shall kill them and dig their graves
I swear I'll rise again
Lucifer in this very war
The parade of the dancing flames

The revenge of the fallen star
I swear I'll rise again
Lucifer in this very war
The parade of the dancing flames

The laughable dimension of such a tragedy
The miserable scum that erodes the rock of destiny

(These woods will burn from a blaze
Which lives in the heart of a thousand eyes)

We'll tread upon this mountain
From this place we call Inferno

The primitive philosophy of a tyrannic group of cowards
Will never rule on this pure and fragile place we call earth
The time of slavery must end right now
This time of tyranny must be the last
We will crush the weaver, he will taste the bitter
And on this unreachable fortress we call Heaven
He will taste the anger of the gods we are
We will sit on this throne
And the fallen god, the exiled one
Will rest in a place we call Inferno
We will sit on this throne
We will sit on this throne
We will sit on this throne
We will sit on this throne